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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Here is Brandon, showing us how he started with his plan, and then built his 3 dimensional shape.

This is my creative artistic mind blowing medal.  It represents our local environment and community because its New Zealand My three features are NZ, the ocean and the colour green.


 My mind blowing medal is called the dynamic new Zealand outline. I chose this design because it represents our local community and also because it represents our culture.


. My next feature is the view of  the precious  ocean.I picked this because when your


 on the beach you can gaze at beautiful new Zealand  seas and see  living things in the ocean that are special to us.


. I chose the

Colour green on the lands because it shows people that New Zealand is tidy and clean and it shows people recycling is good also it makes our region tell people it’s a good place.
here is Claude showing us his template for his 3 dimensional cube.